MEO High Throughput Satellites

O3b is a global satellite service provider operating a next-generation satellite network for U.S. Government customers. The O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation of satellites offers customers affordable connectivity for up to 1.6-Gbps throughput, fiber-like latency (less than 150 msec.) and steerable spot beams for flexible deployment. Each beam is connected to a high throughput teleport providing reliable, high-speed, low latency broadband at a reduced cost.

Learn about our recent successful O3b U.S. Government demonstration here.


Beam Coverage:


How can I purchase O3b services?

SES Government Solutions (SES GS) has O3b solutions listed on their GSA Schedule 70 and also available to US Government customers via Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) contract initiative with GSA and DISA. These include ground antenna systems, O3b satellite capacity and O3b gateway services. Through SES GS, customers can connect in remote areas where terrestrial fiber infrastructure is not available and low-latency applications are required.