Our expansive network of commercial earth stations have a plurality of missions – from network television broadcasts in the U.S. to secure foreign office turnarounds to Internet backbone provision.

Commercial Teleports


Woodbine – Maryland
  • Access to AMC-1, AMC-2, AMC-3, AMC-4, AMC-6, AMC-12 and AAP-1 (remotely)
  • Domestic and international turnarounds, from 6 West to 146 West
  • Fiber connectivity to Baltimore, MD and Level-3 in McLean, VA
  • Established in 1982
South Mountain – California
  • Domestic and international turnarounds, from 50 West to 172 East, in C- and Ku-band.
  • Fiber and microwave connectivity to One Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA
  • Direct connectivity to SBC Hub in Hollywood for TV1 service
  • Gateway to the Pacific Rim, Hawaii and Alaska
  • Established in 1974
Sunset Beach – Hawaii
  • Access to International and domestic satellites, from 80 West to 125 East, via fixed and agile antennas
  • Pacific Rim interconnects
  • International turnarounds between U.S. and Asian networks
  • Established in 1986
Manassas – Virginia
  • Access to NSS-7, AMC-21, NSS-806, IS-707, Satmex 6, AMC-1, AMC-10 and AMC-11
  • Houses 3 Operation Centers: NOC (Network Operations Center), VNOC (Video Network Operations Center), PMOCL2 (Payload Management Operation Center Level 2)
  • Houses Tier-2 ISP and DISN Node
  • Established in 2000
On Site Earth Stations

SES Government Solutions operates and maintains Earth stations at the following U.S. Government locations:

  • Fairbanks
  • Hawaii
  • Monterey
  • New Boston
  • Offutt
  • Schriever
  • Thule, Greenland