U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Networks

SES Government Solutions is a teammate on the contract with the Air Combat Command which uses a station-kept and inclined satellite solution for the CONUS RPA training and testing network.

Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP) Program

SES Government Solutions will host an experimental U.S. Air Force sensor on an SES satellite operating over the United States. The CHIRP project will test a new type of infrared sensor from geosynchronous orbit. This sensor will be integrated into a commercial satellite and the data it receives will be transmitted to a ground station for analysis.

This case study illustrates how a commercial satellite operator can provide tremendous value to government customers looking for affordable access to space. SES Government Solutions will also provide the services to determine the utility of the sensor in terms of data, performance validation and interoperability. Find out more about CHIRP on our hosted payloads page.

Thule Air Base

The contract provides the USG with a dedicated (full period) DS3 (44.736 Mbps), full duplex, symmetrical, serial communications digital circuit between Thule AB and Schriever AFB utilizing commercial satellite bandwidth, contractor-provided hub equipment, teleport services and contractor-provided antennas. The government mission for Thule DS3 includes missile warning, space surveillance and space control.

Thule’s arctic environment, unpredictable weather patterns, and near-horizon location (extremely low look-angle, ~3 to 4.5º) provide unique communications challenges. These challenges are driven by the physical attributes and limitations of its location; and theoretical and persistent orbital mechanics constraints, i.e., satellites moving under the influence of gravity, atmospheric drag and thrust. Peak temperatures occur in July and seldom reach over 50ºF. The extreme weather conditions, coupled with three consecutive months of 24-hours of complete darkness and nine months of full sun or twilight, severely limit its annual construction cycles (approximately three months). This further perturbs the possibility of performing major communications infrastructure enhancements, by the government (DSCS) or commercial industry partners. Find out more about Thule DS3 here.


SES Government Solutions delivers and manages broadband SATCOM services in support of a global U.S. Army data network dedicated to worldwide information exchange, including network design and engineering, O&M and bandwidth allocation management. This program represents the largest Government contract ever awarded to SES, with a total potential value of more than $286 million. Read more about Trojan here.

Commercial Broadband Satellite Communication Program

SES-GS is a teammate on the contract for the U.S. Navy’s Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP), providing key elements of the end-to-end solution including satellite bandwidth, teleport services and program management.

For more information on how reliable satellite communications from SES Government Solutions can help you accomplish your mission, please call 703-610-1000.