SES Government Solutions (SES GS) is the natural evolution of SES’s commitment to the U.S. Government. Since 1973, SES GS has been pioneering the use of domestic commercial satellite communications services for U.S. government agencies. SES GS continues to build on its legacy of government service to focus exclusively on the unique requirements of the United States government satellite communications market.

Formerly known as Americom Government Services (AGS), SES GS provided a wide range of voice, video and data network services to major government groups and contracts, including the Department of Defense, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, NASA, Department of Commerce, Department of the Interior, Department of Energy, and the Justice Department. Instead of government customers being obligated to purchase individual satellite service components from multiple vendors, SES GS provided turn-key solutions and life-cycle support from engineering to program management. SES GS has held a number of contracts for many decades as a result of exceptional service and support. This includes DISA’s Thule Air Base Program which has been supported by AGS since 1973.

Today, SES GS is the only operating company within the SES family focused solely on the needs of the U.S. Government. With access to the world’s leading fleet of geosynchronous communications and medium earth orbit satellites, SES GS continues to meet its USG customers’ unique requirements, while building on its record of superior service and proven global expertise.

More Than Forty Years of Milestones:


AMERICOM signed first contract with the Air Force.


Began satellite communications services to the Department of Defense.


Parent company (AMERICOM) launched first satellite: Satcom F1.


Provided services to NASA ranging from development to expansion of communications networks that continues today.


Provided data links to the Department of Commerce in support of NOAA Landsat.


Provided services to diverse programs including NASA, DOD/USAF, AFRTS, and WHCA.


Awarded NASA PSCN TDMA Network Program.


Awarded original DMSP Program Contract.


Received Goddard Award for Excellence in Quality and Productivity Improvement for services provided to NASA’s NASCOM network.


Initiated FEMA CSI Program.


Provided SATCOM link for the F22 Program.


Parent company (AMERICOM) acquired GTE Spacenet, and integrated government contracts business.


Awarded the U.S. ARMY TROJAN Program recompete.


Began joint agreement with AT&T Alascom, including SATCOM services to government users in Alaska.


AMERICOM GOVERNMENT SERVICES (AGS) formed to focus on government market upon the combination of GE AMERICOM and SES ASTRA.


Awarded NOAA/DMSP consolidated program contract, representing a continuation of service since 1979.


Awarded Federal GSA schedule.


Acquired Verestar Government Services, combining respective GSA schedules. Won contract to provide USFK with DoD Internet connectivity, video conferencing and general telecommunications capabilities through its secure and non-secure networks, to and from Korea.


Launched high-power Atlantic Ocean region satellite, AMC-12, with unprecedented levels of performance and coverage of South America, Africa, Europe and Greenland. Launched hybrid AMC-23 satellite for complete Pacific Ocean region coverage.


Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert T. Osterthaler joins AGS as President and CEO. SES adds New Skies, creating a truly global fleet with additional coverage for government customers.


AGS shifts from a provider of bandwidth to a solutions provider and entered the strategic satellite solutions market with hosted payload offerings. Awarded GSA Satcom II contract.


AGS wins the Army TROJAN re-competed contract supporting U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and representing the largest dollar value contract win for the organization to date. Awarded contract to host a U.S. Air Force payload (CHIRP).


Completed acquisition of AOS, Inc., a leading provider of secure communications solutions. In 2009, SES integrated two operating fleets, SES AMERICOM and SES NEW SKIES, creating the global entity, SES WORLD SKIES.


Consolidates 30 years of AMERICOM USG expertise with the robust assets of the SES global satellite fleet to form SES WORLD SKIES, U.S. Government Solutions – with a sole focus on serving government and civilian agencies.


SES Government Solutions is introduced as part of the global SES family.


SES Government Solutions Awarded CS2 Contract.


Air Force Command Extends Hosted Payloads Contract.


SES Receives Approval from GSA to sell O3b Services. Awarded HoPs ID/IQ Contract and COMSATCOM Pathfinder Contract. First Successful O3b U.S. Government Demo Complete.


Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Pete Hoene joins SES GS as President and CEO.


SES Completes Three Successful O3b U.S. Government Demos out of the SES Washington Media Port.