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Need to align a satellite dish? There’s an app for that!

Smartphones and the apps that people have created for them have given us the ability to do some pretty amazing things and have put more functionality and capability in our pockets than people could have dreamed about just a decade ago. It’s hard to imagine people today eating dinner without taking photos of it first, or not being able to settle a bet with a few, quick touches of a screen.

Excitingly, one of the many areas where developers have been directing their app creation efforts has been satellites and space. Whether you want to watch a space launch, dig through the latest photos and news from NASA, or figure out the best direction to point your antenna – there’s probably an app for that.

There are hundreds of apps out there for your average satellite and space wonk. But we want to know which one our readers use the most and like the best. We’ve narrowed the field down to our team’s favorites based on benefits, functionality and design, and we’re leaving it up to you – our readers – to pick the best satellite app for 2016.

Answer the poll HERE to vote live for your top app. When making a decision, we encourage you to consider the three criteria:

1. Benefits: How much does this help you day to day?
2. Functionality: How agile is the app? Is it a quick download time?
3. Design: How do you like the look and feel?

Do you have any other free or paid satellite apps you’d recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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