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O3b satellites successfully launched

The first four O3b satellites launched aboard the Arianspace Soyuz launch vehicle early last evening. This was one of the industry’s most anticipated launches of the year.

O3b is deploying a revolutionary new network that combines the reach of satellite with the speed of fiber, bringing high speed, low cost connectivity to billions of people across emerging markets who have never had access to this level of connectivity before. Customers witnessing the launch included Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, O3b’s first Maritime customer, Telecom Cook Islands, who will receive the first commercial signals across the network this summer and Maju Nusa, soon to roll out a state of the art 3G backhaul network in Malaysia built on O3b’s low latency capacity.

SES holds a strategic participation in O3b networks and is delighted as the journey of this innovative satellite network begins.

To learn more about O3b Networks click here – See more at: http://www.ses.com/15513897/o3b-networks-first-launch#sthash.u0SqfwkJ.dpuf

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