In a world where time and money are so precious, commercially hosted government payloads provide affordable, reliable and timely access to space for your missions.

It’s no surprise that many federal agencies are starting to take advantage of commercially hosted payloads. New hosted payload programs are being announced and executed across both the defense and civilian sectors of the federal government. Examples of these recent programs include the Federal Aviation Administration’s hosted GEO Satellite Payload for the Wide Area Augmentation System-6 (GEO-6), NASA’s Global Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) and NASA’s Geostationary Carbon Observatory (GeoCarb). These programs build upon the legacy of success pioneered by the Air Force’s Commercially Hosted Infrared (CHIRP) hosted payload program, which saved the Air Force hundreds of millions of dollars by avoiding the steep costs of developing and launching their own spacecraft.

Take a closer look at some of SES GS’ hosted payload programs designed for the federal government to see why hosted payloads are the clear choice for getting your mission to space.

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