A Commercial Military Satellite

Military users want the security and mission assurance of X-band and MIL Ka-band satellite capacity, but long for the flexibility, convenience, reliability, and innovation that they get from their commercial partners. 

GovSat-1, a multi-mission satellite that offers X-band and Military Ka-band capacity gives our customers the best of both worlds.


  • 5 steerable beams
  • Can allocate multiple transponders to any beam
  • High capacity capability link to Europe downlink in Ka-band
  • Wide range of terminals available for airborne, COTM/COTP, Maritime  and fixed services

Launched in 2018 by GovSat, a joint venture between SES and the Luxembourg Government, GovSat-1 offers X-band and Military Ka-band capacity from six high-powered and fully-steerable spot beams, as well as an advanced Global X-band beam. 

As a commercial spacecraft armed with capacity in military frequencies, GovSat-1 delivers the security and mission assurance of military frequencies with the innovation and reliability of working with trusted industry partners. 

Best of all, capacity on GovSat-1 is available in a scalable, rapidly-deployable managed service known as aXcess that can deliver secure, cost-effective connectivity to critical missions when and where it’s needed.

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GovSat-1 provided high throughput connectivity to “GODETIA”, the Flagship of the NATO Mine Center Measures Group. “GODETIA” conducted full NATO operational missions in the North Sea through to Northern Norway using connectivity from GovSat-1, showing the secure operation at high latitudes and low elevation.

“GODETIA” also carried out maritime capability and humanitarian support missions in the Atlantic and around West Africa.

GOVSAT-1 for Defense

Military missions need to be carried out even in austere and disconnected, intermittent, limited bandwidth (DIL) environments. When terrestrial networks are unavailable, denied or untrusted, GovSat-1 is the ideal solution for transmitting critical and classified information up to the secret level.

With high-power beams on both military frequencies reserved for government use only, GovSat-1 provides connectivity to small antennas ideal for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Comms-On-The-Move (COTM) and Comms-On-The-Pause (COTP). Anti-jamming features, encrypted TT&C, and reserved frequencies also provide additional mission assurance and reliability.

GOVSAT-1 for Federal Government

Federal civilian and law enforcement agencies often have to operate in remote, off-the-grid locations both domestically and abroad. 

Designed for dual use to support both defense and civil security applications – including mobile and fixed communications – GovSat-1 and the aXcess managed service are the ideal solution for delivering mission-critical communications for government use cases in off-the-grid locations.

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