Pathfinder remains a proven, unmitigated acquisition success in that it changed the way the U.S. Department of Defense buys commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM). Pathfinder showed that the U.S. Government does not have to stay tethered to spot-market SATCOM purchasing practices. SES GS was able to provide the U.S. Government with an option to pre-commit to the use of commercial transponders for multiple years and significantly lower the cost when compared to the current traditional spot-market acquisition model.

Additionally, SES GS has provided the government with an operationally dynamic COMSATCOM capability without fluctuating costs for the end-user. We successfully tested remotely piloted aircraft operations on the commercial transponders.

SES GS is uniquely positioned to enable future Pathfinder efforts and is looking forward to capitalizing on the government’s initiative to purchase on-orbit, secure and dependable communications.