The new Satellite Data Network from SES

The unprecedented pace of change in satellite technology is challenging the way everyday services are being delivered, and simultaneously opening up new market opportunities. We all need to adapt the way we work and the services we provide.

One single solution cannot address the diverse range of businesses that need to be served. The nature of satellite data connectivity requires components – space and ground – that best serve the characteristics of each opportunity.

One size doesn’t fit all. More flexibility and more scalability leads to more possibilities.

This is why at SES we are taking a different approach. We call it Plus, and it represents our capability to combine strengths: in space it means developing GEO widebeams, adding HTS payloads to our fleet and continuing our investment in O3b, our low-latency solution. On the ground it means developing new infrastructure that increases accessibility to our network.

It also means deepening collaboration with our customers to adapt how we work and what we deliver, not just for today, but for years to come.